babies and toddlers need from caretakers sociology homework help

babies and toddlers need from caretakers sociology homework help

Please write an essay around three pages in length on what babies and toddlers need from caretakers for normal brain development. 
Please also discuss what happens in brain development under conditions of neglect, that is, when a baby or toddler does not receive the stimulation it asks for.
Finally, please consider the following example of another type of neglect, provided by a previous student in BEHS 343:
This home has no “media devices” but in fact the parents turn on their television set and leave it running all day. What effect does this have on the brain development of a child? A student last term wrote about friends of hers. The friendâ€s husband lost his job so the wife went out to work, leaving the husband to care for their child for the last two years. He chose to turn on the television and lie on the couch watching TV all day long, leaving the one-year old toddler to play on his own in front of the TV. Now that this toddler is turning three years old he does not have a single word he can speak. The pediatrician has sent this couple to experts to determine if the child has brain damage and if so, how extensive. 
Finally, please end your essay by describing the critical needs babies have to assure normal brain development.
Length: Your essay can be up to three pages, double-spaced, or one-and-a-half pages single spaced. It is acceptable if you write a little less or a little more.
References: Using quotation marks and citations please cite information you have used from our class materials. Please do not use materials outside our classroom reading assignments. Please include a little reference list at the end of your paper. (I am not a stickler on APA style; any reasonable reference list will do.)
Writing Style:
Please write using your own words, not stringing quotations together. You are expected to put ideas together from several sources and bring up ideas of your own. You may also use an occasional example from your experience if it is relevant to the issue you are describing. 

*****Documents or articles and websites to read for essay will follow once tutor choosen. Essay is to be done from chosen pre-set articles, not from the web***.

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