Australia s population is becoming increasingly diverse essay help

Part 2: Essay

Word count: 500

Essay Question:

Australiaâ€s population is becoming increasingly diverse. Therefore, meeting the palliative care
needs in a range of settings poses many challenges. To demonstrate your understanding of a
palliative care approach in a diverse environment, select a patient from one of the following
lifespan categories:
• Child
• Young Adult
• Older adult (65+)
Write an essay that:
a) Discusses the importance of providing age appropriate care reflecting a palliative
approach for a person and their family.
b) Illustrate your understanding of nursing care using a palliative approach when applied to
your chosen life span category.
·  Use at least more than sevencurrent and relevant literatures to adequately support your discussion throughout theessay.
·  Provide references in APA style. Please provide minimum 7 References.

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