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Each year, researchers and scholars contribute new insights and discoveries to the field of public administration by publishing articles, books, and reports on a wide range of related topics. As students and future professionals in the field, it is your responsibility to keep up with these developments, since they will inform your practice and help you exceed. In reality, it is difficult to find the time to read in detail all new publications, and yet we cannot afford missing the publication of potentially game-changing discoveries. Book reviews are a convenient way to bridge the gap; these reviews allow the busy professional to quickly gain a sense for the relevance and importance of new publications in the field. Based on reviews, we can decide which books to add to our personal reading list or what to recommend to our colleagues.

Originality: All papers are assumed to be original work; proper footnoting and acknowledgement of direct quotations is required.
Length: 8–10 pages, double-spaced.
Format: Follow the APA style guide.

Suggested outline of the book review:

General information: Complete citation, context of the book, and background of author(s)
Summary of the problem statement/guiding questions and the major conclusions
Basis for conclusions: Data, sources, empirical analysis
Relation to literature: Other studies that influenced the author
Significance of the study: Your informed judgment about the importance of the study to the fields of public administration and policy analysis
Other reviews, if any (only if available)
Critical evaluation: What was left out, what should have been included, limitations, opportunities for improvement?


A republic no more : big government and the rise ofAmericanpoliticalcorruption

Cost, Jay

Ebooks Corporation

New York : Encounter Books


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