Assignment 6 – nursing writers

You have explored different resilience-oriented assessments and interventions that can be used once the assessments have been completed. In this Assignment, you will have the opportunity to develop a fictional case study and then use a specific resilience-oriented assessment, a relational genogram, to map the relationships of the fictional family and then identify evidenced-based interventions that can be used with either individuals or the family unit in the fictional case study.Please respond to the following:Develop a fictional case study that details a specific crisis event. The case study must include information about family relationships.Identify and discuss at least two evidenced-based interventions you could use with the fictional case study you developed.The interventions can be either for a specific individual presented in the case study or the family unit as a whole. You can also identify one individual intervention and one family intervention. Be sure you clearly indicate if the intervention is for a specific individual or for the family as a whole.Evaluate the success of the interventions using empirical support (results of research studies on each intervention discussed above).
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