assessing the sample self introduction speech

After viewing the sample speech above (youtube link above), and after thinking about all of the factors outlined for the assignment, please do the following:

1. Complete ONE POST that comments in full, detailed, insightful, original form and style on TWO issues identified below. Please note that you do not have to address all areas of the letter you choose. For example, if you choose “a” and “d,” below, you can then select one issue WITHIN the “a” area and one issue WITHIN the “d” area to address. This way we leave things for others to add as well.

a. The speaker’s INTRODUCTION: mention/discuss quality of attention getter, credibility building, preview/thesis statement, main ideas as previewed in the intro, OR overall quality of delivery.

b. The speaker’s ORGANIZATION OF THE SPEECH’S BODY AROUND THREE MAIN POINTS: Does she do this? What are her main ideas? Are they presented in an equal manner, or does one outweigh the other? Are they diverse? Are they equally detailed and balanced? Does she include narrative examples in an effective, compelling way? What are they and how do they help her? What other devices, details, transitional moves, or support does she integrate that help make her speech stronger and more listenable?

c. The speaker’s CONCLUSION: Is it effective? How? Why? Is her recap strong and clear? Is her close memorable? Does she leave us with something striking, a “bang” of a thought to keep us engaged in her message even after she’s done? Does she extend her message beyond the life and times of her speech? Does she touch her audience emotionally? Explain and give evidence to support your choice.

d. The speaker’s DELIVERY: Does she alter her voice to enhance interest? Does she control her voice? Does she over-control her voice? Are there any distracting fillers or other devices present (like “um” or “uh” or “so” or “like”)? Does she control her gestures? Does she pause too much or leave the flow of her presentation seeming interrupted or artificial? Does she, most importantly, speak NATURALLY as she would speak in a normal conversation? This is what we’re aiming for, so be sure you know the difference between extemporaneous/conversational style of delivery v. manuscript or memorized (neither of which is permitted for a passing speech grade). Explain and give evidence of your choice.

e. What about this speaker’s presentation and delivery would you most like to emulate? Why? Explain why you consider this a strength in her presentation.

f. What about this speaker’s presentation should she consider honing (or reconsider altogether) if she were to repeat the speech (or to plan and deliver her next speech)? Why do you feel this way? Be specific and use evidence to support your response.


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