as you read through chapter 6 on leadership and influence consider great leaders of the bible and how they used their position and ability to communicate

As you read through Chapter 6 on Leadership and Influence, consider great leaders of the Bible and how they used their position and ability to communicate. Analyze and discuss an instance of compliance-gaining strategies being used by a Biblical leader. What was the outcome of their effort? What were the issues and sub-issues; i.e. problem, blame, solution, consequences?

  1. Mentions at least 2 specific points from the assigned readings or other sources, properlyreferenced using APAstyle.
  2. Discussion at an analytical level, offering sound reasons for answers, not just recitation ofopinions or even facts from the assignedreadings.
  3. Length of posting approximately 200-300 words

Note: Discussion at an analytical level means discussing how and why you answer thediscussion questions as you do. It is not merely a statement of your personal opinion, but why you holdthat opinion. Offer constructive comments and suggestions of creative, while practical, answers.Use biblical references as appropriate. Identify other viewpoints, including those studied so far in thisor other courses. The most important thing to do is to answer the questions and justify youranalysis with sound reasons.

Hackman & Johnson (2013). Leadership: A Communication Perspective, 6th Edition. (ISBN-13: 9781478602590).


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