As you know, one commonly used tool for collecting data for a research study is an interview. Interviews are often structured through the use of a…

As you know, one commonly used tool for collecting data for a research study is an interview. Interviews are often structured through the use of a standard questionnaire.This week you will develop your own questionnaire as a method to collect data for Dr. Know’s ethnography study. Remember the study will be based on the following scenario:Dr. Iwant T. Know has identified a problem in his clinic. Many pediatric patients continue to have respiratory infections despite the use of several types of antibiotics. He recently read an article (Urganci, et. al, 2003) that found that acute lower respiratory tract infection was a symptom in severely malnourished children. Several nurses had noted that many children were underweight. The clinic serves many immigrants from various countries and the nurses have noted that parents do not seem to understand basic nutrition. Dr. Know would like to plan a qualitative study to research the problem and identify some solutions. As you prepare your questionnaire, keep in mind the following:The focus of the questionnaire will be to identify factors that might contribute to malnourishmentThe underweight children are likely to be immigrants from various countries Parents of the children may have no knowledge of basic nutritionSome of the native foods might not be available in the local communityParents might not be aware of how they might use available foods for preparing their native dishesThe information gathered from the questionnaire will contribute to a study using an ethnography designYour paper will include two parts. Part 1: Survey Document Your survey document should include the following: A cover letter to the potential participants. Explain the purpose of the questionnaire in the form of a cover letter to potential participants. Be sure to include why it is important for them to participate and encouragement to do so. Create an appropriate questionnaire for a study using ethnology research for Dr. Know’s patients. You must include 10-15 questions of varying types, including at a minimum: Two fixed alternative questions that have only two choices for the answer, Five fixed alternative questions with 4-5 potential answers, One open-ended question, and Any other combination of questions to make a minimum of 10 questions Part 2: Data collection method In approximately one page discuss the format you will use to collect the information (mail, internet, phone, group, or face to face interview). Justify your choice in terms of a qualitative design using ethnography. Your paper should comply with Standard English and use APA references and citations in Part 2 of your paper. The score sheet is included below with several hints. Remember there are many resources in the unit this week in the reading section and in Extra! Extra! to help you!
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