have to write about a subject there are 3 option you pick one and i have the articles that you should use

Essay Question Choices (Choose 1)
1. In Race the Power of an Illusion, legal scholar and microbiologist Pilar Ossorio said, “just because race isnâ€t something biological, that doesnâ€t mean itâ€s not real.” Using course materials from Units I and II explain what she means.
2. Law professor Eleanor Stein used the phrase “construction of an enemy” to describe U.S. government policies that have unfairly treated Americans. Using her framework and readings from both Units I and II, how has racism affected Americans from many cultures?
3. In the article “Best of Friends, Worlds Apart,” Cuban immigrant Joel Ruiz “often finds himself caught between two worlds. Whites see him simply as black. African-Americans dismiss him as Cuban. ‘They tell me Iâ€m Hispanic…. He has started to refer to himself as Afro-Cuban.” Why has Ruiz chosen to refer to himself as Afro-Cuban? Why do whites and African Americans respectively see him differently? Use the concepts of race and ethnicity as social constructed categories to answer these questions. You may use readings from both Unit I and Unit II.
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