Article review (4 paragraphs)

Please choose one of the two attached article and then do as below:
Assignment Purpose: To practice clear understanding of an author’s argument before critically analyzing it.
Style: MLA
No references
Your assignments will be checked for originality by Turnitin.
The paper will be given a title and will consist of only four paragraphs:

The first paragraph will briefly summarize what you take to be the author’s main idea. This should be the author’s philosophical idea(s)—there is no need for biographical or other information about the author.
The second paragraph will explain some portion of the author’s argument that you agree with. You should give several reasons why you think the author is right.
The third paragraph will raise a specific problem with the assigned reading and give reasons to show that the specific problem is serious. Be careful not to discuss a question that the author answers explicitly.
The fourth paragraph will offer evidence from the reading to show how the author might answer the question. (Again, do not discuss a question that the text answers explicitly.)
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