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Literary techniquesFebruary 16, 2021

Since you are discussing four authors individually, you do not need anintroduction, thesis, or conclusion for this essay, although you may choose to include any or all of these.For each author you choose, tell me what you take learned from reading her work. This may include:• Was there something you learned about in a new way from this author?• Did you discover something meaningful from this author?• What did the author’s work mean to you?• What new questions did the work raise or answer for you?• Were there literary techniques in the work you discovered or appreciated in a new way?• Did the work change the way you see literature?• Have you changed as a reader because of the work?For each of the authors you discuss, you must use a piece of textual evidence (quotation or specific example)to support your observation about it.Author List:Mirikitani: Poems attached underneathLaviera: Poems attached underneathDiaz: DrownEmma Donoghue: Room
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