art history five short answer sections take in 80mins

Test hold in December 9th, Monday, 6PM, New York Time.
Art history Short Answer test.
Attached is a example of a short answer question, There will be Five questions like this, means there will have five art works you need to talk about. Those five works will be choose from Ch23, Ch30-Ch33. I will make a handouts for those art works. Also, I will give your an account for the textbook. This is open book test, but main source is our textbook. Make sure you use your own words and complete sentences to anwser question.

Each big question with up to five small questions. I will help you find the art works’ name, year, material, those basic informations first. You need to answer questions about discussion part. Question need to be answer by number. Make sure you answered questions and talked enough.
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