art comparison essay 1

This is a GENERAL idea of what you will be covering in each essay. See each presentation for specifics:
Begin by reviewing the slides and watching all videos for the two artists. For each artist, please attend to the following when working on your written responses.
•Visually describe the artwork(s) (consider all your senses) – refer to the PDFâ€s under ART to help you with vocabulary.
•Describe the artistâ€s process. What media (paint, paper, clay, etc.) do they work with. What kind of artist (painter, sculptor, installation artist) are they?
•Describe what inspires the artist. Why do they make art the way they do?
•What is your overall impression of the work of the artist? What do you enjoy (and not enjoy) about this artist, their work and process? Be specific and give examples and please be honest – there will be art & artworks you connect to more than others. But, remember, you donâ€t have to want to hang the art in your living room to appreciate it – or see its value in society.
•What does it make you think about/remind you of? What themes do you see running through the work? What ties the separate pieces together?
•What statement does the artist and/or their artwork say about society and other big ideas (race, gender, social equality for example).
Please answer the questions in paragraph form. This is a significant portion of your overall grade so I expect you to put a significant amount of time and thought into these written responses. Each essay should be 650-750 words (2.5-3 pages double spaced).
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