art 260 01 ceramics 1


Glaze of Our Lives Part Three

Why do we fire pottery/glazes? *
o because it’s fun
o to induce a chemical reaction
What temperature is cone 10? *
What temperature is cone 6? (This is what we glaze fire to.) *
What temperature is cone 04? (This is what we bisque fire to.) *
What greek symbol do we use to represent “cone” when writing? *
o Epsilon
o Delta
o Beta
o Omega
What year were cones invented and who invented them? *
How did we historically measure the temperature of a kiln? Please describe in as much detail as you can. *
What is the BEST tool to use to measure the temperature of a kiln? *
o K type pyrometer
o R type pyrometer
o optical pyrometer
As Seger used different proportions of glass formers and fluxes to create pyrometric cones, what cone was reached at almost no glass former and all flux? *
In 1892, who developed a tweak that allowed for temperatures below cone 1? *
What is the highest cone we can measure? *
o cone 75
o cone 15
o cone 42
o cone 042
What is the lowest cone we can measure? *
o cone 022
o cone 22
o cone 04
o cone 075
What is wadding? *
As best as you can, please describe how pyrometers work. *
How many cones are needed to get an accurate reading of how a firing went? *
o 5
o 4
o 3
o 2
o 1
What position on a clock should a pyrometric cone be at for a firing to have been “well fired”? *
Cones teach us that time (can) equal temperature. *
o True
o False
A faster firing needs a _____ temperature *
o higher
o lower
A slower firing needs a _____ peak temperature. *
o higher
o lower
Why do explosions happen in a kiln? *

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