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Review Questions

What is Oceanic art?
What are moai?
What are outrigger canoes? Why are they important in Oceania?
What are stick charts?
Describe three types of Bradshaw figures.

Critical Thinking Questions

Compare and contrast the Bradshaw rock paintings to other rock and cave paintings from other parts of the world. What are the similarities and differences?
Choose one piece of art from the unit and create an art critique of the artwork. Write at least two paragraphs.
What are the characteristics of Oceanic art?
What theories exist for how the moai were moved around Easter Island? Which theory do you think is the most likely? Why?
Choose one piece of Oceanic art and identify three different elements or principles of art used in the artwork. Describe how the elements or principles are used and what effect they have on the artwork.

Discussion Questions
You should submit at least one full paragraph for each question.
1. What factors influenced Oceanic art? How do these factors compare to European art?
2. Why do you think Oceanic art features more human figures than animal figures? What might influence this characteristic of Oceanic art?

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