Arguments have been made that access to less-than-lethal for…

For week 7, please choose three of the below topics and provide your thoughts. Please be sure to use resources to back up your thoughts and be respectful of your classmates as you respond.  Here are the choices for your two topics:

Arguments have been made that access to less-than-lethal force has actually increased the use of these weapons by police rather than the utilization of other methods.  Discuss the pros and cons of less-lethal-force options, such as tasers and bean bag guns, that the police utilize.  Should officers be held accountable if a subject dies from less-than-lethal force?

Our textbook discusses a 2019 change in California regarding police use of force.  The new law changes “reasonable” to “necessary” in the standard. Review the information from the textbook and discuss how this change impacted the standard for use of force.  Should an officer’s perception be different from that of a civilian when looking at this new standard?

Should the news media have access to all videos that are captured by police on body worn cameras and in-car cameras?  Why or why not?  And does the media have any culpability with the televising of police pursuits?

Has the portrayal of law enforcement in the entertainment industry (movies and television), as well as in the news media, helped or hurt relationships within the communities and our society as a whole? Plagiarism Free Papers
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