argumentative paper with research and annotated bibliography 1

Please follow the rubric and read all the material.
This is a two part assignment Argumentative paper (with research) and Annotated Bibliography.
Part 1:
Read a text (e.g., poem, short story, play, or novel) or watch a film that treats food as its central topic and write an argumentative paper discussing its significance. What does food represent in the piece of literature or film? That is, what importance does it play? In your research paper, you must include at least 4-5 outside sources to support your analysis.
Your essay needs to include the following elements:
* an introduction with a clear thesis statement
* body paragraphs with strong topic sentences (please refrain from using quotes as your topic sentences)
* evidence and examples from outside sources such as articles from WLAC’s library research databases Links to an external site.or reputable online sources
* a conclusion
* an original title and a list of works cited (your works cited page should not count as part of the 4-5 page paper requirement)
Your paper needs to be submitted in Microsoft Word (doc, docx) and formatted in MLA style (typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman).

In addition to submitting you will also need to submit an Annotated Bibliography documenting your research efforts.

Revise and edit your paper accordingly. I will be using the questions below as the basis for grading your work.
Paper Requirements and Content Questions
1. Have I written a 4-5 page argumentative essay responding to the topic prompts?
2. Have I included at least one of the course readings as a source in my paper?
3. In addition to the course reading(s), have I included at least 4-5 additional outside sources?
4. Does my paper have an introduction and a conclusion (i.e., effective beginning and ending) and body paragraphs (with sufficient evidence and examples)?
5. Have I provided the necessary cues to help guide my readers (i.e., title for my paper, clear thesis statement, strong topic sentences, and appropriate transitions)?
Grammar, Style, Language
1. Do I avoid using slang/colloquial language in my paper? Is there a formal tone to my writing? Do I avoid using the first-person pronoun of “I”?
2. Have I edited my paper and eliminated errors in punctuation, grammar, and mechanics?
MLA Questions
1. Is my paper formatted correctly in MLA style (typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman)?
2. Are my outside sources cited correctly in-text and in a list of works cited?

Part 2:
For the argumentative paper (with research) , you will need to incorporate at least 4-5 outside sources into your writing. You will also need to create an evaluative annotated bibliography to document your research efforts.
Create an evaluative annotated bibliography containing at least 3 of the 4-5 outside sources you plan on including in argumentative paper (with research) . Remember that evaluative annotations both summarize and offer opinions on a source (The Norton Field Guide to Writing, 189).
Your evaluative annotations need to include the following key features (this is the basis upon which your work will be graded):
* A statement of scope. This is a brief introductory statement explaining the context for the bibliography and the reasons for compiling it. You will want to address the topic prompt you have chosen to write on and the direction of your paper’s argument. This statement should be 1 paragraph.
* Complete bibliographic information. In your annotated bibliography, you will need to provide complete information for each source you will be using in your paper. In doing so, you will need to use one documentation system, which in this case, will be MLA style.
* Consistent presentation. Your annotated bibliography should be written in complete sentences and paragraphs.
* Relevant commentary. As you will be writing an evaluative annotation, you will need to both summarize and provide relevant commentary for each source. For each entry, to help you organize your research, you might want to consider addressing the following two questions: 1) What is the source’s argument and main point(s)? and 2) How does each source pertain to your paper?

Your annotated bibliography needs to be submitted in Microsoft Word (doc, docx) and formatted in MLA style (typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman).
Helpful Reminders/Suggestions:
* Before you begin working on your evaluative annotated bibliography, make sure that you have read carefully “Annotated Bibliographies,” Part 3: Genres, from The Norton Field Guide to Writing.

* As you work on writing your evaluative annotations, refer to the information from the appropriate sections on doing research from The Norton Field Guide to Writing (i.e., Finding Sources; Evaluating Sources; Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing; Acknowledging Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism; Documentation; and MLA Style).
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