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Topic of interest is: Social networking sites and hiring.  
However, social networking has its advantages and also has some disadvantages but my position supports the continued use of social networking sites, (Brailovskaia & Bierhoff, 2016).
Part 2: Thesis Statement and Outline
Create an outline of your argument paper using the Argument Paper Outline Template.
Complete the following areas of the Argument Paper Outline Template. Replace the template text with your information.
Title page
On page 2: Title of Paper
Revised thesis statement
Review the draft of your thesis statement from your Week 1 Topic Selection Worksheet, and make any necessary revisions to form a clear claim for your argument. Use your faculty feedback and the Writing a Thesis Statement Tutorial for tips on revising your thesis statement.
APA-formatted level 1 headings for each of the reasons for your position
Topic sentence
Topic sentences will begin each body paragraph about the particular topic. The topic sentence should focus on one of the reasons for your position.
Main points you want to present about each reason for your position
Each main point should represent an additional detail in the discussion of each reason for your position.
Supporting research for each main point, including the Information source from which the supporting research was retrieved
Reference page with an APA formatted reference for each of the peer-reviewed sources used
Ensure your Reference page lists the sources in alphabetical order. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator, found in the Center for Writing 
Excellence, to help generate your references.
Below each reference, include a 25- to 50-word justification for why the source is appropriate for use in this paper. Each justification should be based on the evaluation you completed in Part 1 of this assignment.
You do not need to include the introduction and conclusion paragraphs this week, as you will be working on those next week.

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