Araucaria Cookii Geology Tree Assignment

Adopt a Tree Assignment
Length: approximately 750 words
Style: A full, origin piece of writing, fully referenced
Submit : word document and two photos (Take a photo close up of the leaves or needles, and one with you standing beside the tree)
Description of Tree (approximately 250 words): including general description of tree, species (including scientific name), tree size (diameter-breast-height in cm and height estimate in m), branches and leaves characteristics, description of the bark, the geographic coordinates of the tree (use a GPS or Google Earth).
Description of Biogeography associated with your tree (250 words)
Description of the environment around your tree (other trees? in a park, or yard, or forest). The biogeography of tree species (range, where it grows naturally), moisture regime (upland or moist sites) and the ecology of the tree species.
Values of your tree. (approximately 250 words)
Personal value and connect to Tree
Your views and personal value of this tree. Why did you choose this tree and/ or species? Do you have a connection to this tree?Or connection to the space the tree is in?
Economic or commercial value
How is this species used in a economic or commercial sense?
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