Approximately 4-6 pages (not including Title & Reference pag…

Approximately 4-6 pages (not including Title & Reference page)
Read and discuss leisure and then discuss travel with your “buddy.” Who has to be 65 years or olderInclude the following information about your buddy and anything else you discover:-Has leisure and travel changed since retirement, if not retired or retired what they are doing for recreation and leisure?-Do they travel in or out of the country, and if they do, where have they gone and want to travel to?-What do they enjoy most and least about traveling?
–Visit a local travel agency (include & provide the following in your paper: the name of the agency, date, time, location, phone number and travel agent you spoke to- if there is none in your community, go in and check with AAA- but they are everywhere, they offer travel and work with many seniors).
-Include a picture of yourself outside the travel agency in front of the signExplain that you are thinking about getting a gift of travel for your grandparents and want to get some additional information-What are the most common countries seniors travel to?-What are the preferred types of accommodations?-Do they prefer, for example, cruises or land tours, hotels, hostels etc.-How much does it cost for these tours?-Are there certain months traveled more than others?-How many seniors go on them?-Find out as much as you can about senior’s travel and tourism.-Who travels more, men or women, couples or singles?-If there is a natural disaster or medical emergency, how is that handled?-Do they accept seniors with walkers, wheelchairs, scooters?
In your final summation discuss what you learned from this experience and how you felt about doing it. Would you recommend this travel agency to a friend or loved one- why or why not?

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