Applying Writing Strategies English homework help

Review “Case Study: Kaynia” to inform this assignment.
Discuss the following in a 300-500 word essay:

Using Topic Materials, research and describe the POW + TREE, the STOP and DARE strategies.
Provide a rationale for how each writing strategy could help Kaynia to meet her goal.
Describe how the POW+TREE graphic organizer could help Kaynia to monitor her use of the strategy.
Describe two additional writing strategies you would suggest based on your research of best practices.

In 250-500 words reflect upon how writing instruction strategies to engage students in personal reflection is beneficial to develop conceptual understanding and skills. Be sure to explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.
Submit your essay and reflection as one deliverable.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
Case Study: Kaynia
Student: Kaynia
Age: 8.7
Grade: 3rd
Focus: Persuasive Essay
Kaynia is an active girl who plays well with others and demonstrates great physical vigor. Kaynia’s performance is satisfactory in most content areas; however, she has a difficult time during writing class. A focus of Kaynia’s third-grade writing class is persuasive essay writing. Although most of her peers are able to write persuasive essays, Kaynia is quite frustrated. She has good ideas but is not able to clearly articulate her point of view.
Kaynia’s teacher remembers a staff development on Strategy Instruction she attended and decides to teach Kaynia a persuasive essay writing strategy she learned there. Kaynia’s teacher has the following instructional goal:
Given a writing prompt, Kaynia will write a persuasive essay, clearly articulating her point of view and providing supporting arguments.
Adapted from: The Iris Center. Retrieved from…

1. IES Practice Guide: Teaching Elementary School Students to be Effective Writers
Read pages 10-26 in “Teaching Elementary School Students to be Effective Writers,” located on the Institute of Education Sciences website.
2. Writer’s Workshop
View “Writer’s Workshop,” located on YouTube.

3. Writing Resources: Everything You Need
Read “Writing Resources: Everything You Need,” located on the Scholastic website.
4. Written Expression: Grades 2-5
Review pages 10-25 in Written Expression: Grades 2-5, located on The Iris Center website.
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