apply sql concepts to create a functional database appropriate for a small business hobby

Apply SQL concepts to create a functional database appropriate for a small business/hobby.
Part 1: Create Table diagram from ERD
– The database will have between 5 and 7 related entities.
Part 2: Write and run scripts to create tables and define constraints.
– All tables will have PK/FK defined
Part 3: Insert sample data
– At least 5 records should exist in each table.
Part 4: Test database
Part 5: Write questions and answer queries to exercise each one of the following concepts:

Sorting data and Restricting Rows (Ch 8)
Joining Data (Ch 9)
Single-row functions (Ch 10)
Group functions (Ch 11)
Subqueries (Ch 12)

Part 6: Prepare a final project presentation
Part 7: Present your Final Project (5-7 minutes)

Present your business and the ER diagram, explain relationships between tables and all constraints.

Part 8: Turn in the project, include the ER diagram, the presentation, and script(s) to create the DB and the queries from Part 5.
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