apa style question 4

Critical Reasoning
Part 1
Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs
This week we’re exploring causation and correlation.

Why is it a fallacy to confuse causation and correlation?
Provide an example of a statement that confuses causation with correlation.
In addition to your main response, you must also post substantive responses to at least two of your classmates†posts in this thread.

Part 2
This week, you will submit a rough draft of your term paper.
Topic chosen from previous question:(Abortion is not morally acceptable and should be illegal)
A rough draft is not expected to be polished, and as such, this assignment will be graded on a completion basis. However, in order to receive full credit for the assignment, the following components must be met:

The rough draft includes an introduction, a minimum of three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
A minimum of three references are incorporated as support.
Use the outline you posted as a guide, but if you find that changing some pieces makes more sense as you draft, that is fine.
Be sure to follow APA formatting for your paper and cite your sources.

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