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After reading Chapter 9 and especially Chapter 10, you will have some tools to assess how your team has worked together on the consulting project. What have you learned from this experience about efficient teamwork?

The most important things I learn from this experience in terms of teamwork is that to assign roles to teammates is an essential step to ensure the success of the team. I feel like within a team, when people have no idea what they are supposed to do and do not have the responsibility reasonably distributed, this team ends up being very inefficient and takes forever to get things done. Assigning roles will let people know what they are responsible for and normally it will put some weight onto the person who is responsible for a certain part of the work so he/she feels like people are counting on them.
Another aspect of teamwork I find also very significant is to ensure the communication flow within the team. These time and days people are tend to be very busy. However, working within a team requires constant communication. Teammates should update each other what is the lasted information on the project, exchange/discuss ideas, talk about what difficulties they run into, and how to solve problems ,etc. If teammates stop communicating with each other, the project process might get delay and people generally do not know what each other did so it creates unnecessary confusion. Therefore, in my opinion, good communication is the basis of team work.

Compare to the team, group is the numbers of people who do not have clear purpose and they do not know the direction. Thus, when a leader asks a group of people to solve a problem, the group of people do not have clear direction to do; on the other hand, a team is a group of people who know their purpose and direction. 3-stage Model is a good tool for a group of people become a team. Setting a goal, step by step and evaluate for each step. Letting people know their goals and give them reward is a good way to become team.
This class is a on-line class, people do not face to face to discuss the consulting project, but setting the goal to let every team member know their goal and what they have to do and give everybody deadline is a good way. After that, professor will let everybody know their score is a reward. Setting is goal is an important for efficient for teamwork
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