answer the first 3 question as an essay

there are summary of the 4 books below, read it and answer only the first 3 question as an essay and complete the table that I attach only for Triangle: The Fire That Changed America, David von Drehle book and To Sleep with the Angels book ( do not full the table for other two books only use all of them to do only the first 3 question that I attach it. You should use space-and-a half, 12 point font, 1 inch margins all around. 1)Summarize, in a total of no more than one page, the (key) events described in the four books. Summarize a comparison of the events by completing the following table. This table should be included in the report. Highlight important similarities and differences in text that accompanies and references this table. ( only one page ) 2) Compare and contrast the ways in which structures failed as a result of the disasters.These disasters occur over a long period in the 1900’s. Do you think that there is evidence from one to the next that the built environment is improving, or that people otherwise learned lessons from the earlier fires to make the built environment better support people surviving the disaster? You are encouraged to think broadly about this question, including issues such as escape routes, beyond simply the details ofconstruction. ( only 2 page for this question) 3) Compare and contrast the impact of other factors on the affected locations (such asbad luck, location, current events, political systems, etc. – things other than the way the places were built). ( only 1 to 2 pages for this question) so the total page will be 4-5 pages plus the table ( keep the table in a single page ) note: the attach instruction below contain more than 3 question do only first 3
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