answer questions amp write an annotated bibliography

answer questions amp write an annotated bibliography

Read the article and answer the questions in writing.… (Links to an external site.)

On page 1 of the article, the author mentions, “You can have your cake and eat it too!”

What is the author talking about?

According to the author, what happens when profits and social welfare go into “direct opposition”? (p.1)

On page 1, the author claims that focus on social responsibility is worse than being “ineffective and irrelevant”. How does he explain that?

How does the author explain the success of companies that incorporated the need for improved social welfare in their business model? (p. 2)

On p.2, the author argues that not all companies seize the opportunity to make profit on incorporating social welfare in their business models. What two reasons does the author suggest?

What two examples of “doing best for society” will result in “sacrificing profits” does the author provide on page 3?

How does the author differentiate corporate executives and privately operated companies in their pursuit of social welfare? (p. 3)

On pp. 4-5, the author discusses 3 solutions for balancing the profits and social welfare:

government regulation, watchdog and advocates, and self-control. Summarize their pros and cons.
9.Do you agree with the author? Why or Why not?

Watch the video and write an annotated bibliography according to MLA for this source

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