answer all questions thoroughly thanks

answer all questions thoroughly thanks

Chapter 10 Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms; love them or hate them, we all use them. Freud believed that the defense mechanism of repression had to happen first before any of the other defenses were used. This makes sense because with repression, we are trying to push something anxiety provoking out of our conscious minds, and into our unconscious. All the other defense mechanisms are trying to keep those unconscious thoughts in the unconscious.
I saw an example of displacement. A young boy was getting continually teased by his older brother. Every time he tried to defend himself, the older brother just teased him more. The boy was getting more and more frustrated with his older brother, but couldn’t do anything about it. His frustration and anger was apparent. A short while later, he turned to his younger brother, who was minding his own business, kicked him and grabbed his candy. He threw the candy down and stomped on it. Displacement: Taking the feelings you have towards one person and expressing those feelings towards someone else instead. In this case, the boy could not fight back and protect himself with his older brother, so instead, took his anger out on his younger brother ( an innocent, but much safer person to fight with). Another example here could be a man getting disciplined at work for chronic lateness, being unable to express his anger at his boss, and going home and kicking the dog.
Think about the defense mechanisms you just studied. Can you identify an example of a defense mechanism that you recognized in someone you know? What did you notice? Which defense mechanism were they using? Why do you think they needed to use this defense mechanism. Explain thoroughly.

chapter 10 Freud in historical conteT

Freud was a pioneer in that he developed the first complete theory of the mind. His theory has been updated by Neo-Freudians throughout the decades. Freud was a research neurologist, living in Vienna during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Most of his patients were middle class women. He lived in the Victorian age, at a time when women had very little freedom to pursue independent, autonomous pursuits; nor did they enjoy the sexual freedoms of women today. Sexual abuse was not discussed. He lived through World War 1 and an impending World War 2 as he was developing his theory.

View the following video: (Links to an external site.)

How do you think the historical context in which Freud grew up contributed to the development of his ideas? Do you think he would have come up with different ideas in a different context ?

Chapter 10 Applying Freud apply it to you

Can you identify an oral, anal, or phallic character among the people you know? Why do you think they are this way?

Chapter 10 ID, ego, super ego

Think of a dilemma you have faced. An example: wanting to go to a concert on a night when you were supposed to work. What was your Id response to the situation? Your Superego response? Now think about the task of your ego. What did you do to resolve the dilemma? Was your ego able to satisfy both your Id and Superego?


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