annotated bibliography of five 5 sources

annotated bibliography of five 5 sources

Objective of the Annotated Bibliography of five (5) sources is to provide evidence for understanding scholarly literature related to Healthcare Data Analytics. The student will demonstrate the following outcomes:

Analysis of the validity of scholarly sources.
Critical thinking about the content of scholarly works.
Synthesis of the content, message , and argument of the sources.

Please find the review of my last assignment attached below.

Assignment 2 – Annotated Bibliography Grading Rubric

Points Each/Grade %

Each of five sources (6 years old or less) is clearly identified and referenced and presented in alphabetical order (by author sir-name) in the American Medical Association (AMA) format.


The thesis (or research question, or hypothesis) of each source is clearly identified.


There is a brief restatement of the main argument of each source in your own words.


There is a description of the major method of investigation (literature review, law review, marketing, research study, case study, expert opinion, etc.) with an explanation for the content presented for each source.


There is a clear interpretation of the main conclusion for each source.


There is an evaluative statement (executive summary statement) about the content of each source that focuses on describing a study’s strengths and weaknesses and describes the applicability (if any) of the conclusions.


There is evidence of writing in complete, well-constructed sentences with precise grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling; writing is clear, concise, and coherent.


There is evidence of accurate and consistent AMA format (the writing style of the American Medical Association) for in-text citations and references.




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