annotated bibliography mla format 1200 words 4 pages

This needs to be an annotated bibliography on my topic, these are supposed to be controversial topics so choose one you are most familiar with. Mainly a controversy that has to do with the US Government. Below I have 3 topics I already submitted and you just need to pick ONE. I will also be using whichever tutor I select to do the essay and outline as well so please do this very well!
The three conterversial topics I chose out of my 25 are Juul Vapor, Defense Spending, and the Bullet Train.
Annotated Bibliography: Locate 4—6 sources with potential on your topic and 1: Provide a proper MLA citation for the source (entries should be in alphabetical order). 2: For each source, say how it was located, provide a brief overview of the book or essay’s contents, and indicate how you think it will add to your paper.
Length: 200-300 words per source/1200 words total/4pages
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