Anatomy and Physiology

Correct the false statement.Use grammatically correct sentences.

Example:Presbystasis is hearing loss related to aging

CORRECT:Presbystasis is dizziness related to aging.ORPresbycusis is hearing loss
related to aging.

NOT CORRECT:Presbystasis is not hearing loss related to aging.

Via corresponding tendons, the stapedius muscle is connected to the stapes and the tensor tympani is connected to the incus.
High frequency sounds cause vibration on the basilar membrane that reaches the apex, whereas low frequency information causes vibration closer to the basal end.
OHCs are important for coding frequency/pitch and IHCs are important for coding intensity/loudness/amplitude.
The eustachian tube is normally closed at the level of the middle ear.
Each OHC is connected to as many at 10 VIII nerve fibers.
The ampullae contain the sensory organs for the utricle and saccule, while the maculae contain the sensory organs for the semicircular canals.

Processing of auditory information ends at the auditory cortex. The post Anatomy and Physiology first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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