analytical blog

Answers will be graded on their demonstrated understanding of the material, demonstrated integration of the reading with their analysis through cited materials, and quality of writing.
First, start your blog post by writing out what you think about how biology should affect sentencing of criminals (no more than 50 words).
Next, listen to the following interview and address the questions posed below in your post.
Interview with criminologist Adrian Raine: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Then finish your blog post by addressing each the following:

Summarize Raineâ€s contributions to the field of neurocriminology (150 words).
What was Raineâ€s research methodology? (How did he get his original data on murderers?) (200 words)
What does Raineâ€s own brain look like? What does this leave Raine wondering? (75 words)
What are Raineâ€s thoughts towards deterrence? (100 words)
How does Raine think biological factors should affect the sentencing of criminals? (100 words)
Has Raine’s work and thoughts affected how you think biological factors should affect the sentencing of criminals? Why or why not? (100 words)

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