An Application Paper For (Human Communication)

The concepts we study in communication all around us. Much like we have done in class it is possible to break down the concepts throughout texts that we experience every day. This assignment will exercise your ability to accurately understand and apply the concepts you have learned in class in a variety of different contexts.
Assignment Prompt:
This assignment requires that you choose a text of some sort. A “text” can be anything from a commercial to a television show episode to a music video to a magazine article, etc. Though there is no conceptual limit to what a text might be, it should be clearly defined, relatively simple, and discrete (has a clear beginning and end). Once you choose your text, you must isolate the communication concepts that arise in your text and explain how and why they’re there. Your paper should focus on communication themes / overarching communicated messages from your text and the manner in which the elements you have isolated help to produce/construct/convey the overarching message. Any communication concept we have thus far discussed or have thus far been presented by the book are fair game.
You should organize your paper into the following three parts.
I. Introduction: Provide a brief description of your text and the field(s) of communication you will be pulling from (each chapter is a different field of communication). You should establish the focal message(s) you have located in your text as a sort of central thesis of your paper. Also include a preview what your paper will look like.
II. Body: First you should include a more in-depth description of your text: what is it, where it is featured, who is in it (if applicable) describing what goes on during it, and so on. Though this is supposed to be more in depth it should also be concise, this should not comprise most of your paper. Next discuss in detail the main points corresponding to the various communication topics and how they apply to your text. This part of the body is point where you must flesh out and clearly detail what the communication concepts you are using and how they work together (or divisively) to produce the particular message(s) of your
III. Conclusion: Briefly summarize your paper, and conclude your thoughts and ideas of the paper. Though summarization is a part of your conclusion, it shouldn’t be the entirety of it. What are the things I should take away from your paper? What are your final thoughts?
Your paper will be graded on the displayed knowledge of communication concepts, the accuracy and clarity by which you have applied your concepts, and the coherency by which your utilization of concepts fits into your larger message. You will also be graded on general style, grammar and mechanics (in that your writing should be free of grammatical mistakes and should be clean)
Your paper should be at least 2-3 pages in length. You must use concepts you use in the books, so it is absolutely essential that you use proper APA citation (lacking citations of any kind is considered plagiarism/academic dishonesty).We will review/go over the proper method of citing in APA format in class.
Papers must be in 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, include page numbers, and have 1-inch margins on all sides. Papers must include a cover page with your name, course name and section, the date, and my name. Your cover page is not part of your page count.
You must turn in a physical paper copy in to me. If you are unable to make it to class then you are welcome to drop it in my mailbox. To do so simply submit your paper with my name [Romin Rajan] clearly visible on it to the 4th floor Human Communications Department Office. You must be sure to email to let me know that you have emailed it to me (note: this doesn’t mean email me your paper, you still must submit a hard copy)
This paper is worth 20 points. Late submissions will be docked points for each day of tardiness.
Let me know if you have any questions. You may email me at any time to ask questions or to make an appointment or see me in my office hours. Queries about the paper the day before the paper is due will not be answered.
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