A(n) _____ is a presentation in which a speaker plans, prepa…

Liberty University BUSI 300 QUIZ 4 / Liberty University BUSI300 QUIZ 4 / QUIZ 4 BUSI 300
Liberty University BUSI 300 QUIZ Complete Solutions correct answers key
Liberty University BUSI 300 QUIZ 4 / Liberty University BUSI300 QUIZ 4 (Already Graded A+)

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1. A short update on a current project requested during a meeting without advance notice is an example of a(n) _____.
oral briefing
systematic briefing
manuscript presentation
memorized presentation
2. Danny, a manager at Westport Inc., is in charge of creating and presenting a report of a plan for building a new office in a city. He plans to make the presentation interesting by gaining the attention of the entire audience effectively. Which of the following is an attention-getting technique he can use?
Avoiding personal references
Using inappropriate jokes
Avoiding shocking statements
Using quotations by experts
3. Which of the following is true of the closing of a presentation?
It provides unity to the presentation.
It should not be tied to the introduction.
It should always include a “thank you.”
It is not remembered by the audience
4. A(n) _____ is a presentation in which a speaker plans, prepares, and rehearses but does not write everything down.
impromptu presentation
memorized presentation
manuscript presentation
extemporaneous presentation
5. The speed at which words are spoken is called _____.
6. Which of the following guidelines should you follow when speaking to culturally diverse audiences?
Enunciate each word precisely.
Use sophisticated vocabulary.
Use jargon and figurative expressions.
Jot ideas on a flip chart
7. As a general rule, audiences do not want to be in tune with a speaker during a presentation.
8. Which of the following guidelines should be followed by an organization during a crisis briefing?
It should try to be friendly, helpful, and patient.
It should use language with which only those in its industry are familiar.
It should speculate and make predictions.
It should keep the statement at least five minutes long.
9. Tying the closing to the introduction weakens the unity of a presentation.
10. Rules of business etiquette remain the same with people of different cultures.
11. Which of the following specializes in placing a candidate in a position on a temporary basis until he or shefinds a full-time job?
Professional organizations
Employment contractors
Printed sources
Career services centers
12. Which of the following is the first step of the process of applying for a job?
Conducting research and analysis of self, career, and job
Supplementing a résumé with a portfolio (print or electronic) or video recording
Identifying job listings using traditional and electronic sources
Interviewing with companies
13. While applying for a job, you have conducted an analysis of yourself, career, and job; identified a job; prepared a targeted résumé and application message; and have supplemented your résumé with a video recording. Which of the following should you do next to complete the process of applying for a job?
Rehearse answers for standard interview questions
Upload your résumé on a job website.
Register with a career services center.
Interview with companies.
14. To avoid a tone of egotism in a résumé, _____.
summarize information that is relevant but does not merit several separate lines
divide the list of activities into appropriate divisions and then select an appropriate label
do not use action verbs that provide emphasis
do not use too many adjectives or adverbs that seem overly strong
15. The chronological résumé is a less effective format for applicants who
are entering the job market with lots of experience.
are seeking jobs different from the job currently held.
have a consistent career history with no gaps.
have progressed up a clearly defined career ladder.
16. A functional résumé could be best for you when:
you have progressed up a clearly defined career ladder.
your education or experience is scant.
you have a gap in your work history.
you are underqualified for a job.
17. Which of the following résumés is becoming the preferred choice as fear of computer viruses and daily email overload prevent employers from opening attachments?
A beamable résumé
A scannable résumé
An inline résumé
A text résumé
18. Which of the following is a collection of artifacts that demonstrate your communication, people, and technical skills?
A professional portfolio
An electronic résumé
A print résumé
A beamer
19. An application message:
decreases a person’s chances of locating potential openings.
is persuasive and thus written deductively.
is designed to convince an employer that qualifications are adequate.
decreases the efficiency of the job selection process for a company and the applicant.
20. In a functional résumé, points of primary interest to employers—transferable skills—appear in major headings.
21. Which of the following is true of phone interviews?
They screen candidates in order to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for in-person interviews.
They maximize the expenses involved in interviewing out-of-town candidates.
They are designed to place interviewees in an anxiety-producing situation.
They allow candidates to meet individually with a number of different interviewers.
22. Pre-interview planning on the part of an interviewee involves:
presenting his or her qualifications in a clear and persuasive manner.
making sure your appearance and mannerisms will not detract from the impression you hope to make.
sending a sincere, original thank-you message after a position has been accepted.
following a predetermined agenda designed to elicit necessary information from the interviewer.
23. According to a UNESCO report of employer views, _____ are hard skills that are essential for workers in today’s business climate.
social sensitivities
entrepreneurial abilities
technical skills
communication skills
24. Questions designed to understand why an interviewee wants to work for a particular organization are known as _____.
competency questions
standard interview questions
technical interview questions
behavioral questions
25. Which of the following should an interviewee focus on while asking questions to the interviewer?
Information about the job
The company’s products or services
New developments of the company
The company’s scope
26. Which of the following must the last line of a job-acceptance message contain?
The salary you expect.
The main idea of job-acceptance
Personal details
The report-for-work date
27. Danielle is offered a job in a company due to which she decides to quit her current job. She decides to write a letter to the concerned authorities about her decision. In this scenario, Danielle should write a _____.
a resignation message
a thank-you message
a follow-up message
a job-refusal message
28. A particular type of structured interview is the behavior-based interview, in which you are asked to give specific examples of occasions in which you demonstrated particular behaviors or skills.
29. The goal of many unstructured interviews is to explore unknown areas to determine an applicant’s ability to speak comfortably about a wide range of topics.
30. In a series interview, multiple candidates meet with an interviewer at the same time.
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