AHS 6640 WILMU Week 7 Marketing Human Social Agencies

AHS 6640 WILMU Week 7 Marketing Human Social Agencies

Public Service Announcement & Billboard: Part 3
In order to reach their desired service population, and to have the greatest impact on addressing human needs, there will be times when it is necessary for human service agencies to market their services. The basis for this assignment is to give students the experience of marketing social services, by compiling critical information about a social issue, in a succinct way.
You are expected to create an original commercial-like radio/TV spot and a public billboard, to bring public awareness to their issue.
For your radio/TV spot and billboard – you will need to determine your target audience (i.e. general public, special interest group, policy maker, population affected by the issue, etc.). Once you have identified your target audience, you should then proceed to creating your media.
Commercial-like Radio/TV Spot – you are to create a public service announcement (60 – 120 seconds) that brings awareness to the issue. In your announcement, you need to:

Define the issue (considering the trends and challenges of the issue (research).
Explain why it is important to be knowledgeable about the issue and what has been done about the issue.
Describe the population(s) who are affected by the issue.
Describe the population(s) that you serve, and what you plan to do about the issue.

For the Radio/TV Spot, you can submit this assignment via audio or video link. It may be helpful to come up with a catchy slogan – something original.
Public Billboard – you are to create a billboard that brings awareness to the issue. You can create the billboard using PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.
Please submit four (4) separate files: APA Paper, Oral Presentation, Radio/TV Commercial, and the Billboard to the Week 7 Final Project.
This assignment will be graded using the AHS 6640 Program Proposal Final Project Rubric
PSA and Billboard Rubric

Human Services Management Competencies The Network for Social Work Management developed a set of Human Services Management Competencies for human service leaders. These practice standards provide a basic framework of knowledge and skills that define effective and sound human services management.
Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals This web link includes the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals.
Empowering Human Services Organizations to Embrace Evidence-Informed Practice
Burnout Prevention – A Humanistic Perspective and Structured Group Supervision Activity
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