ahmed started a successful business in saudi arabia some yea…

Answer the following Essay Questions:
1.Where should he go first? If his store name was already taken, what are the processes he must follow to file an objection? (2 marks)
2- Is there a Law of E-Commerce in Saudi Arabia? Explain your answer. (2 marks)
3- What is the law that governs Trademark in Saudi Arabia? And, what could consider a Trademark under that regulation? (2 marks)
4- Where should you submit your application for a Trademark registration? (2 marks)
5- For how long does the law protect the Trademark holder? (1 mark)
6- What is the body responsible in case of a dispute? (1 mark)

*Site your sources
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The post ahmed started a successful business in saudi arabia some years ago his clients are from all over the kingdom so he decided to make it more convenience for them to reach his goods by creating a website for online shopping appeared first on My Nursing Experts.

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