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Reply agreeing to these two posting. Each post must be at least 50 words in length.
I thought that the treatment of Provetie was peculiar. The court tried this dog the same way it would try a person. A dog is not on the same intellectual level as a person, so I think that trying Provetie on the same as they would a criminal is pointless. The usual treatment for a dog that bites or injures a person severely is to put the dog down, not hang it. Though hanging had the same end outcome as putting the dog down, the whole process of hanging the dog and leaving the body there to set an example is a little extreme. Punishing dogs is a common thing but should never be extreme. For example, I have three dogs. My one dog thinks that eating puzzle pieces for snacks is okay, but we haven’t been able to complete a puzzle yet. When she eats the puzzle pieces we usually just tell her that that was bad and she shouldn’t do that. I can’t say we would hang her for eating puzzle pieces.
I do believe in God, but for a long time I did not because it was hard for me to believe something I could not physically see. I believe it is impossible to persuade someone to believe in God since he can not be seen, and there is not real evidence supporting his existence. The only thing I can think of that would sway a person one way or another would simply be experience. My belief in God started with a personal experience that I had with the divine. God’s existence is reasonable in my mind, but I do not believe that there is any concrete evidence that can be used to make someone believe. However, one can use the fact that there is no concrete evidence in order to persuade someone that he is not real.

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