After reading pp. 3-5 in Everything’s An Argument, complete …

After reading pp. 3-5 in Everything’s An Argument, complete the “Respond” activity on p. 6:
Can an argument really be any text that expresses a point of view? What kinds of arguments–if any–might be made by the following items?
a Boston Red Sox cap
a Livestrong bracelet
the “explicit lyrics” label on a best-selling rap CD
the health warnings on a package of cigarettes
a Tesla Model S electric car
a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses
For your original post list what kind of arguments could be made about each of the items. For your response to another student, review the arguments that he or she came up with? Do you agree or disagree? Was there anything that he or she missed? Can you think of at least one different argument that could be made by one of the items?
Your original post is due Wednesday at midnight, and your response to another student is due Saturday at midnight.

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