african american history to 1865

Short Answer Responses.
Instruction: Answer each question below in at least 2-3 sentences. Please be sure to write your answer in complete sentences.
1. Define creoles in the context of colonial slavery in the United States?
2. Define manumission in the context of colonial slavery in the United States and how was manumission contradictory?
3. What factors contributed to the birth of the Antislavery movement?
4. What impact did Phyllis Wheatly have on attitudes towards slavery in the United States?
5. Define cultural syncretism in the context of US American slavery?
6. Identify some of the occupations of “enslaved” African Americans?
7. What impact did Quaker morality have on slavery in the American colonies?
8. What impact did slave courts have on American slavery?
9. What impact did the fugitive slave act have on American slavery?
10. What was Washingtonâ€s position on Black participation in the Revolutionary War and identify one factors that made his position change?
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