Advocacy is an essential and expected part of working with E…

 Assessment Description
Advocacy is an essential and expected part of working with ELLs and their families. Teachers may find it necessary to advocate not only for the individual students in the classroom but also to address larger systemic issues where inequities in education might still exist.
Imagine you work in a school where there has been a turnover in school board members. The previous board was less than receptive to addressing the needs of ELLs in the school community. With the new school board members, you have a chance to bring awareness to a specific issue affecting ELLs and their families.
Part 1: Making a Proposal
Research examples of school board proposals and issues that affect the learning of ELLs to make a request to the school board in the scenario. 
Note: Since this is a fictional proposal, you may create further school context as needed, to complete the assignment.
Write a one-page proposal to submit to the school board advocating for a new policy, program, or action to address your selected issue. Include the following in your letter:

Background or introduction of the issue, including rationale of the issue’s importance and how it promotes learning for ELLs.
Proposal of a new policy, program, or action that you would like the school board to support or approve regarding the issue.
Research and data supporting your proposal, cited and briefly summarized. Include a minimum of three scholarly resources.

Part 2: Summary
In a minimum of 500 words, summarize the importance of advocacy and professionalism as an ELL educator. Include the following in your summary:

Explain research and theories of cultural and linguistic diversity and equity that promote academic and social language learning for ELLs.
Describe three ways ESL teachers can advocate for ELL families and act as a professional resource in the educational community. Include examples that highlight the leadership role of ESL teachers.
Discuss your plans for professional growth through future advocacy work that supports the language development and academic achievement of ELLs, the rights of ELL families, and the advancement of the TESOL profession.

Support your summary with a minimum of three scholarly resources.
Note: These resources are separate from the resources included in your proposal.
Submit your proposal, summary, and resources in a single document.
While APA Style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.

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