Advanced Nursing and theology/ Adolescent Faith paper

Advanced Nursing and theology/ Adolescent Faith paperAdolescent Faith PaperGuidelines:1. Read the Manuscript: Adolescent Faith Development: Through a Nurse’s Lens (Haley, 2013). See attached
2. Write a 2-3 paragraph critique of the article. Max 4 pages excluding cover and reference pages
3. Discuss 1 concept learned from the article.
4. Describe one “idea of your own” about HOW you will apply faith development/assessment with an adolescent patient you serve as a nurse practitioner student in your clinical practicum.This section must include in quotations 2-3 specific questions you will ask to open a conversation about faith/spirituality.
5. Describe a clinical counter in which you discussed faith/spirituality with an adolescent patient. This section should include the adolescent’s response to your specific questions.
6. Conclude your paper with a reflection/description of your evaluation of this experience with your adolescent patient
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