activity 5.4 module review –

1. Explain the main purpose of a quality management plan? What are two metrics – besides those provided in this chapter – that Kristin and her team could use on the Just-In-Time training project? Besides ensuring that classrooms are ready for training, where else might they use a checklist on the project?2. Explain the main purpose of a staffing management plan? What tool should you use to graphically show total staffing needs for a project? What tool should you use to clarify roles and responsibilities for tasks?3. What is the difference between an RFP and an RFQ? Give an example of the appropriate use of each. How does procurement planning differ for government projects versus those in private industry?4. Explain why risk management is often neglected on projects? Why is it important to take the time to identify and rank risks throughout a project’s life. 5. Your company is planning to launch an important project starting January 1, which will last one year. You estimate that you will need one half-time project manager; two full-time business analysts for the first six months; two full-time marketing analysts for the whole years; four full-time business interns for the months of June, July, and August; and one full-time salesperson for the last three months. Use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Projects resource utilization, to create a stacked-column chart showing a resource histogram for this project, similar to the one shown in Figure 5-8 (page 189 of your textbook). Be sure to include a legend to label the types of resources needed, and use appropriate titles and axis labels. You can use the resource histogram template on the companion Web site to make this exercise easier.

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