accounting 634

E11-2B (Depreciation—Conceptual Understanding) Bayliner Company acquired a plant asset at the beginning of Year 1. The asset has an estimated service life of 5 years. An employee has prepared depreciation schedules for this asset using three different methods to compare the results of using one method with the results of using other methods. You are to assume that the following schedules have been correctly prepared for this asset using (1) the straight-line method, (2) the sum-of-the-years’-digits method, and (3) the double-declining-balance method.
    Sum-of-the-     Double-Declining-
Year         Straight-Line   Years’-Digits           Balance
  1             $15,000             $25,000                $34,000
  2               15,000               20,000                  20,400
  3               15,000               15,000                  12,240
  4               15,000               10,000                   7,344
  5               15,000                5,000                    1,016
Total         $75,000             $75,000                $75,000
Answer the following questions.
(a) What is the cost of the asset being depreciated?
(b) What amount, if any, was used in the depreciation calculations for the salvage value for this asset?
(c) Which method will produce the highest charge to income in Year 2?
(d) Which method will produce the highest charge to income in Year 5?
(e) Which method will produce the lowest book value for the asset at the end of Year 3?
(f) If the asset is sold at the end of Year 4, which method would yield the lowest gain (or highest loss)
on disposal of the asset?

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