ACC349 University of Phoenix Jeemp Farms Management Presentation

You have completed the analysis of ABC and determined whether it is a good option for Jeemp Farms.
Create a 5- to 10-slide presentation with speaker notes for Jeemp Farms management that addresses the following:

Explain ABC costing and how it is different than traditional costing.
Explain the advantages/disadvantages of using ABC costing.
Define the terminology that is used in an ABC costing system.
Explain whether ABC is the preferential system for Jeemp Farms and why.
Recommend whether the company should discontinue the sod portion of the business and what outside factors might need to be considered prior to doing so.
List any non-financial factors that should be considered in decisions the company makes.
Include at least three outside credible sources in APA formatting at the end of your presentation so the management will know how to access more information about ABC.

Format your assignment to APA standards.
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