about the two article summary

write a summary for two article that i am going to post with the Q..
Tips to get started:
• Read the texts again. Do you notice anything new on a second read? • Create a working thesis statement. What is the main claim or idea of your essay? • Remember that you are entering an academic conversation. What might the texts have to say about your main idea, and what might the texts have to say to each other? • What quotes or ideas from the texts will you use in your essay, and how will you provide context for them? Will you need to use academic summary in your essay? • Remember, your sources should support your ideas as well as connect to each other in some way. The sources might agree or disagree with each other, or they might confirm, reject, elaborate on one another, or emphasize a point. Etc. Show these connections. • Organize your ideas. You could create an outline, a mind map, or use some other strategy to establish your main claim and supporting points. • Be sure to cite your sources.
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