Abortion & Egoism

Week 2 forum Abortion & Egoism

Choose one of the following topics to respond to for your initial post. Indicate your last name and chosen topic in the title of your post. Contribute at least two peer responses to include a response to both: A learner who has posted a contrary view on the topic you selected A learner who has posted on the topic you did not select Requirements: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. See the syllabus for assignment requirements and grading criteria, and be sure to list your source if you use one. Topic A: Abortion What do you think of the relation between the law and morality regarding abortion? Do you think that if abortion is immoral, it thus ought to be illegal, or if morally permissible then it ought to be for this reason legally permissible? Explain. Topic B: Egoism Psychological egoism is the view that all persons, without exception, seek their own self-interest. Ethical egoism is the view that recognizes that perhaps not all persons seek their own self-interest but all should do so. Explain whether Glaucon’s argument supports psychological hedonism or ethical egoism or both. Explain whether psychological egoism implies ethical egoism.


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