Abnormal Psych

Part II:  (Total of 15)
_____        15 points for reference list of three references of research/empirical articles,    
                  written in APA format (with abstracts attached)
Posted below is an example of what your Paper Part 2 should include: 
3 references (in APA format–please note details such as what is italicized, capitalized, etc.) for the articles you will be using
Abstract for each of the articles (this appears at the top of the article)
I’ve also posted the first part of the paper bevause you have to work with the same article on panice disorder and then write the part 2 
An example of how the paper 2 should look like is also there THATS JUST AN EXAMPLE We need to work with my part 1 and panic disorder
Times new roman
font 12
and same lenght as the example paper
 Make sure while searching for the three articles you put “treatment” as one of your search terms? 
In reading the articles, you need to confirm that the study is about a treatment being tested. 
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