A large part of southern Nova Scotia is made up of granites Geology Essay Question!

A large part of southern Nova Scotia is made up of granites (South Mountain Batholith) (375-380 million years old) exposed at surface. What plate tectonic and geological conditions were necessary to produce this large volume of granite? How could these rocks become exposed at surface?
In the study area given in Maps 1, 2 and 3 there are two types of uranium deposits present. What are the types of uranium deposits and how did they form? Could there be a genetic relationship between these types of deposits? If so explain the relationship. (Give references to support your answer).
A company has hired you to undertake an environmental radioactivity assessment on the study area near Windsor, Nova Scotia (see maps 1, 2, 3 and 4). The company wants to build a large resort in the study area. The company has hired you assess the radioactive environmental risks in the area. What are the risks? If the resort has to depend on drilled wells to provide water, what might be some of the problems they might encounter ? ( Hint see map 4) Given that you must locate a site in this area, what procedures would you undertake to assess the risks and recommend a location? What are the remedial steps that you would recommend at the resort during construction or after it is built? (Give references where applicable).
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