8 Solubility Product Constant of Calcium Iodate ro Pre-labor…

Need help with this chemistry prelab. Not 100% about writing the equations and question #2
8Solubility Product Constant of Calcium IodateroPre-laboratory Assignment1.Complete the following equations, and write expressions for the solubility productconstant, Ksp, for each of the following salts;a) CuzS(6)Co 15b) BizS3(s)c) Be(OH)2(s) Be 2OHd) La(IO3)3(s)e) Mn(OH)2(s)18 12042.For the solubility equilibrium Ag2SO4(s) 2Ag (aq) + SO4" (aq), if theconcentration of sulfate ion in a saturated solution of Ag2SO4 is found to be0.0155 M, what is the value of Kop for this salt?

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