8 pages essay or 2000 words. Need by morning. In 12 hours.Th…

8 pages essay or 2000 words. Need by morning. In 12 hours.
This essay is a continuation and expansion of the research and writing you began in the first draft of the essay(Links to an external site.). In this version you must expand and revise your essay for a different audience, with a different rhetorical purpose. The final product should be at least 2000 words:
As an intern for a human-rights focused non-profit organization, WorldShare, you have been tasked by your manager to conduct research on a potential brand to replace the current brand that the company uses to supply relevant products for the company. Imagine that the product you researched for the previous version of the essay is the brand the company uses. For example, if you researched Nike, assume that the organization supplies their employees with branded Nike products; or if you researched Apple, assume the company supplies employees with tablets, phones and laptops manufactured by Apple.
Your job is to research a competing product that will fulfill the same purpose, but that potentially has a better reputation or more ethical set of practices. Present your evidence for both companies and make your recommendationbased off of your findings:
You will report on the background of the brand as you did on the previous essay, including:

Discussing the origins of the company and where the product is manufactured. Cite specific evidence from your sources and discuss the significance of the company origins and location.
Discussing the business practices of this company. Cite specific evidence from your research and make observations about what you believe are the company’s values based upon their practices.
Explaining the supply chain. Cite evidence and discuss the implications of these processes.
Explaining who actually makes the product and describe the conditions in which they work. What do these particular workers and these conditions suggest about the company’s culture and values?
New section: Discuss other favorable or unfavorable aspects of the company. Do they engage in charity, community improvement, or other ethically minded activities? Is this information verifiable from a third party? Does it seem legitimately beneficial to humanity or is it more “lip-service,” the appearance of caring, but with little impact?

For this essay you should avoid first and second person voice.
REQUIREMENTSCompose an essay that responds directly to the above prompt and turn it in online through Mozi.
Additionally, you should be sure your essay…

Contains a thesis, orcentral ideathat:

takes a clear position responding to the above prompt
makes a clear and direct point that will be demonstrated by the body paragraphs of your essay
is the last sentence of an introductory paragraph that provides adequate background information about the school and it’s definition of happiness

Addresses a well-educated audience, but who may or may not be familiar with your product or the articles discussed in-class.
Is an argumentative essay using and analyzing textual evidence, not a personal narrative (DO NOT use the pronoun, “I” in this version of this essay.)
You may include additional evidence from the twoTED Talksand globalism articles assigned in this class insomuch as you feel it is helpful.
Includes a minimum often additional sources in the essay.
Uses what we’ve learned so far about essay and paragraph structure to organize your ideas.
Is formatted using MLA citation style including a heading; header; 12-point, Times New Roman font; 1″ margins; and is double spaced.
Includes a “works cited page” (Does not count toward word length of essay)
Isthoroughlyproofread and relatively free of errors in grammar, spelling, and mechanics.


Video on formatting in MLA styleGoogle Docs – Setup your MLA Format Essay | New 2018 Features(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
The Purdue OWLMLA style guide(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

The essay must respond to this specific prompt in order to get credit. It must also be handed in both in personanduploaded to this assignmentandmust be composed in Google Docs (or handwritten drafts must be turned in) or it will not be graded. Only .docx or .pdf file types will be accepted.

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