6101 week 4 assignment applying theories creating a mock progress note

Select a film from the list provided in the assignment to complete this week’s assignment.
Suggested Films:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Searching for Bobby Fisher
Riding in Cars with Boys
The Man Without a Face
Fried Green Tomatoes
Anne of Green Gables
Anywhere But Here
Dead Poet’s Society
A Little Princess
Antwone Fisher
October Sky

If you would prefer to use a different film for this assignment, send a message to the faculty requesting approval of a different film.
Create three separate progress notes for each theory (3 theories total, one note for each theory) (Information Processing, Ecological, and Sociocultural Approach) that illustrate how you would assess the success or lack of success in the character’s appropriate development based on the chosen theory(ies) and how your interventions will vary depending on this assessment.Please submit the assignment in one paper specifying the title of the selected movie.Length: 2-3 pages
This week, you will further develop your understanding of the three theories introduced during the third week of the class: Information Processing Theory, Gibson’s Ecological Model, and Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Approach. You are encouraged to review the materials assigned for the previous week in preparation for this assignment. In addition, watch the video of Diane Gehart where she explains how to create a progress note. Following the review, you will select a movie of your choice to write a progress note that asks you to integrate your knowledge of the studied theories and systems-based approaches previously reviewed during your Master’s studies.#action=share

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