500 word essay?

After watching the video Peter Brooks Mahabharata: Krishna talks to Prince Arjuna at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B4Z1PB97KY, 
write at least 500 word essay on the topic below. (due Module 5)Note: Video Transcript Available for Download Above.Compare or contrast an aspect of Krishnaâ€s advice to Arjuna to Socrates†daimonion (the guide he speaks of in his discourse) to Socrates. Do these philosophers engage with their respective messengers in the same way, or differently? What effect, if any, do you think this has on the ultimate decisions that each one makes? What do these figures tell us about how one ought to act according to each of these philosophical texts?The followings are the requirements for the essay:Be a minimum of 500 words.Provide reasons to support your essay.Refer to Krishnaâ€s advice or Socrates†daimonon.State how one ought to act in each of these philosophical texts.Ensure spelling and grammar are correct.Use MLA formatting style.Select the title of this item to submit your essay.Click here for Reading Philosophy. This document is from the inside cover page of the textbook by Kessler (2013).Click here for Thinking Philosophy. This document is from the inside back cover page of the textbook by Kessler (2013).ReferenceKessler, G. E. (2013). Voices of Wisdom. Boston, MA: Wadsworth.
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